The Week In Music: “A million dollars is a shitload of money”

We condense everything that’s happened in music this week into something you can skim over in five minutes on the train.

The Scoop: Gotye’s other woman

Wally De Backer and Kimbra Johnson stand astride our pop culture like a lead-minted, two-headed, colourfully patterned colossus. Obviously, it was meant to be. Except it wasn’t. De Backer admitted that another singer had been ready to record ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’. “There was a vocalist who was quite high profile in Australia who was all set to do it and then cancelled the night before we were going to do the vocal session.”

So who is this mystery singer who bungled their chance at world domination? FL contributor Matt Shea used Google Search, Google Calendar, Google Translate, Google Docs and Google Calculator to help us track down the poor soul and found some surprising answers.

The Issue: Amanda Palmer Vs Steve Albini

“Fuck’s sake a million dollars is a shitload of money. How can you possibly not have a bunch laying around after people just gave you a million dollars?” That’s the question outspoken audio engineer/’producer’ Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Stooges, Pixies) asked Amanda Palmer and everyone wanted to know after the singer sought out musicians willing to play on her tour for payment of beer, hugs and high-fives. It quickly became an entertaining He Said/She Said saga.

Noted keyboard warrior Brendan McLean also stepped into the fray, writing an opinion piece for FL_ to explain why he accepted a gig with Palmer for free: “It was a spectacular evening but on paper I didn’t make a cent.”

The List: 2012 Independent Music Awards

Chet Faker lead the list of nominees for the 2012 Independent Music Awards with five nominations, closely followed by 360 (four) and Royal Headache (three), while Benjamin Hauptmann’s self-titled jazz album only received one nomination #injustice. Other nominees included Alpine, DZ Deathrays, The Jezabels, The Temper Trap, Lanie Lane, Saskwatch, Frenzal Rhomb, Oh Mercy and The Rubens, while bands that missed out included Lost Animal, Dick Diver, Twerps and your mates who started a bedroom psych-pop project with a broken tape recorder and a $2 microphone. Check out all the nominees here

The Tour: Bluesfest

Ben Harper can’t stay away from Bluesfest and he’ll be back in 2013 joining Iggy and The Stooges, Wilco, and Santana on the lineup. The first of “many major announcements” for Bluesfest also includes the return of Glen Hansard, Dropkick Murphys and Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls plus the chance to sing about Space Cowboys with the Steve Miller Band and Wicked Games with Chris Isaak. It’s no surprise to find Ben Harper back on the bill, but can Bluesfest fill the bingo card by adding Johnson, Rudd, Franti and John Butler on the next announcement?

Check out the full lineup

The Hero: Amity Affliction

What’s the number one album on the ARIA chart this week? The Presets’ new one Pacifica? Or maybe The xx’s Coexist? Nope, it’s Queensland post-hardcore heroes The Amity Affliction’s Chasing Ghosts. Their second album, Youngbloods, made it to number six in 2010, but this is their first time at the top of the charts. Writing on their Facebook page, the band described the feat as “absolutely overwhelming”. Congrats boys, you’ve just forced every record label in the country to send their A&R crew on a crash course in post-hardcore.

The Villain: Ke$ha

Ke$ha forced us all to reassess our album collections and loyalties after she enlisted the services of WaÂ¥ne ¢oÂ¥n€, B€n Fold$, IggÂ¥ Pop, fun.’s Nat€ Ru€$$ and Black Keys drummer Patri¢k ¢arn€¥ on her new album Warrior. Since the release of her heavily auto-tuned, trash-pop debut Animal , Ke$ha has appeared on the Bob Dylan Amnesty tribute album, collaborated with Alice Cooper, donated blood (and vocals) to The Flaming Lips Heady Fwends album. In other words: She’s been trying to attain credibility ever since.

The Quote: Duff

“”I don’t think I was really embarrassed, but they wanted me to do all kinds of stuff that wasn’t me, like her and I getting in a fake fight. They were like, “Get in a fake fight about finding a new house”, and I was like, “That is such fuckin bullshit, I won’t do it.” Marriage is hard enough without getting in a fake fight on TV, you know?””:

The Vision: Regurgitator

“Before embarking on this month’s “Retrotech tour, which will see them play their first two albums in full, Quan, Ben and produer Magoo looked back on the making of 1997’s Unit.. “Who knows what the fuck we were thinking at the time,” they confessed. Proving they’re still kicking goals 15 years on, The Gurge have also released the clip for their new song All Fake Everything.

The Sound: Sarah Blasko

“At times I thought this record would kill me. Honestly, it was a behemoth! There were moments I felt I would sink beneath it.” Sarah Blasko clearly struggled with her fourth album, but the follow-up to 2009’s As Day Follows Night is finally set for release on October 26. With a rumble of drums, the lead single and title track ‘I Awake’ makes good on Blasko’s description of the album as “an avalanche of sound, soaring and shrieking, simple and striking, to send you tumbling”. The track also features the sound of your favourite Eastern European strings section with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra supplying the stirring finale.

Check out the album tracklist

The Shot: Hanson

My how they’ve grown!

Check out more Hanson shots from the Melbourne show from Len Panecki.

The (Long) Shot: Laneway bets

So, Megadeth probably won’t be on the lineup for Laneway but there are plenty of more likely predictions on our betting list. The lineup will be announced next Tuesday and we’re quietly confident that our bets are pretty solid this year.

The (Mug) Shot: Fiona Apple arrested in Texas

She’s been a bad, bad girl.

The Meme: Adelaide

Thanks to the FL forums for this gem. Poor Adelaide they get Sigur Ros and a double-headline gig from Dandy Warhols and Silversun Pickups, but they’re scheduled on the same night. Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of Adelaide, there’s a renewed sense of optimism for the city’s live music scene, writes Ryan Winter.