The Walkmen: Father’s Day playlist

Although they’ve been around for twelve years and seven albums New Yorkers The Walkmen are still delivering the goods for fans of civilised indie fare. They were one of the many highlights at the oh-so-civilised Harvest festival last year and and they’re still well loved by the hype machine; in fact they are apparently the twelth most hyped act on the planet this year.

They’re also all fathers (or prospective fathers) so who posed with their brood of children on the back cover to their latest record Heaven. Bassist and organ player Peter Bauer explained the photo in an interview with FL back in June: “That’s all of our kids, there’s like seven children so there’s different pictures with different kids floating around. It basically started because we thought to ourselves, you know, there’s really nothing worse than five grown men taking a picture together, so we’ve always been looking for a way out, to get out of that, so if you put a kid in there, it works like magic [laughs]. It’s a lot better looking.”

To celebrate Father’s Day (it’s on Sunday. Don’t forget to call dad) Bauer has put together a special playlist for fathers and their kids including tracks by recent collaborator Robin Pecknold’s Fleet Foxes, The Cramps, Guns & Roses and Tom Waits.


Fleet Foxes – ‘Montezuma’

This is a strange exercise, but the lyrics relate to parents and children, at least the first line. It’s a great way to start a record.

The Amps – ‘Mom’s Drunk’

This is a little more obvious, for Father’s day.

John Lennon – ‘Mother’

There really aren’t a lot of great ‘father’ or ‘dad’ based songs out there. This one’s got everybody. Mother, father, baby.

Leonard Cohen – ‘The Butcher’

This one’s pretty dark but it does fit the whole father-son thing which is sort of the premise of the holiday.

The Cramps – ‘New Kind of Kick’

This one I put on a mix for my son by mistake, having forgotten the filthy line in the second verse. Your kids will love it.

Guns & Roses – ‘It’s So Easy’

I remember driving around with my dad in grade school listening to this album and sort of turning the radio down and starting up a very stilted conversation whenever the curse words would be close to coming up. So that’s why I thought of this.

Jane’s Addiction – ‘Then She Did’

I also remember my father used to make fun of this song by constantly ‘slapping himself in the face’ whenever I would listen to this in the car and Perry Farrell would say that.

U2 – ‘Mysterious Ways’

We used to drive to an Ashram in New York state every summer which was around 8 hours from Washington DC. My father has always been a big fan of leaving a song or an album on repeat for about a month straight. One trip to the ashram, my parents listened to Achtung Baby the entire time each direction. It was insane.

The Beach Boys – ‘Sloop John B’

This was one my dad and his best friend would listen to while drinking on their sailboat. It’s a very nostalgic song for me.

Tom Waits – ‘I Wish I was in New Orleans’

My dad’s whole family is from New Orleans. They were a wild bunch, this makes me think of him and New Orleans, for obvious reasons.


Eddy Grant – Walking on Sunshine

Get yourself a keg of beer and a bunch of families with children and have yourself a party.

The Ramones – Hey Ho Let’s Go Anthology

Kids love the Ramones better than everything else, even babies.

Cars soundtrack

My favorites are ‘Real Gone’ by Sheryl Crow and ‘Life is a Highway’ by Rascal Flatts. Those guys fucking shred!

Michael Jackson – ‘Thriller

What kind of weird kid doesn’t have Thriller?

*Bob Dylan – Nashville Skyline

Here’s one to put your kids to bed. They’ll be snoring by the time Johnny Cash comes in.