The View – Metro Theatre, Sydney (08/06/07)

What better way is there to start a long weekend, than to head out on a ridiculously cold, gusty night to a gig of choice standards to watch the players compete on how short you can get a guitar strap.

The night started out with the Sydney quartet The Holidays, introducing the crowd to their rocky-riffing tunes. The set started out extremely dynamic and had a bit of a different feel to the music that the usual run of the mill Sydney indie band. However by the end of their set the elements that made up the –  “different’ sound ie lead guitar being just that and only that leading a bizarre line of melody compared to the vocals (Smith-esk?), was absolutely grating on the ears and was a relief to let them be put out of their misery. The Sydney audience was very forgiving though and gave them a fine send off and an appropriate applause.

The main event swaggered onto the stage which they very confidently knew they owned and blasted into their first song with gusto. These young lads from Dundee really knew what they were doing – no matter how drunk they got they still played with finesse – speeding up every song they played that revved the punters up into a frenzy.

Halfway through the set it all got a bit too much for Kyle Falconer and a quick trip to the –  “lav’ was in order. Chuckles and cat calls went back and forth and kind of conversation was struck up between the audience and band members whilst they waiting on Kyle’s bladder to empty.

He was greeted back to the stage with a roar from the crowd (which was prompted and orchestrated by Steven Morrison on drums) and it was on with the show.

Starting up in early 2005 the hype behind The View especially in the London scene has been huge and the pressure on these very young men for them to perform must be immense. They are however absolutely, positively up for the challenge and had my attention, my foot tapping, knees popping and my head swaying from woe to go.

You really can tell that these guys have been through the mill of playing hundreds of gigs possibly every night of the week for quite some time now with their extreme unity in their performance. A great night was had by all and we were all disappointed to see them leave the stage. Look forward to watching their career progress and hopefully see them keep their not so innocent charm in tact.