The Temper Trap – The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap have climbed incredibly high and incredibly fast in the remarkable few years following their previous album Conditions. After a spell in the United Kingdom and a highly touted live circuit around Australia, we’re greeted with a second, self-titled, album.

Lead singer Dougy Mandagi takes a more conservative vocal route on this album, with lead single Need Your Love not reaching soaring falsetto tones, but instead letting the lyrics swell the hearts of listeners. This is the first of several standout tracks on the album. The second is Where Do We Go from Here, which sports a low vocal harmony underpinning a dreamy aquatic guitar and synth part. Rabbit Hole is a clear highlight of the album and captures that feeling of having all lost control in three short minutes of indie pop calamity.

Unfortunately, it becomes increasingly obvious how disappointingly unambitious some of the songs are. It all seems a little one note; perhaps best exemplified by the very constrained note range on Dreams before it suddenly swells to a climax in the final minute. Trembling Hands also tackles the band’s festival sing-along sound with somewhat lifeless lyrics. This is not to say that songs like these are bad, just underwhelming. This won’t bother everyone though, and the good tracks will make fine additions to Temper Trap’s live arsenal.

Inevitably with an album like this, fans and newcomers will no doubt expect sweet somethings that mimic the first album’s interstellar pop sound, but with the added drawcard of more anathematic choruses to coincide with a band suddenly able to fill up stadiums with screaming, adoring fans.