The Temper Trap @ Spectrum, Sydney (18/11/06)

 I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sandy when my Saturday night date with Six ft Hick got traded in for a Temper Trap ticket.

 If I’d known how the night would unfold, however, I wouldn’t have put so much time into my six foot tantrum.

 There was a nervous excitement in the air as Spectrum filled up for the EP launch and I began to wonder if all these people knew something I didn’t.

 All was confirmed ten seconds in. The first two songs summonsed everyone in the venue with a bang. The Temper Trap bought an energy that filled the stage and commanded our attention.

 The third song reeled everyone back as the four-piece from Melbourne slowed down and revealed the true complexity of their sound. Toby the drummer abandoned his kit and with three guitars and a bass the boys started out on an epic instrumental trajectory that had me thinking Six ft who?

 Dougy’s voice is something that inevitably comes up in any discussion about The Temper Trap and what can I say, it is truly haunting. The man hits a note and then transcends it, slicing the sound barrier and leaving you with your mouth open and your eyes wide.

Without the burden of an instrument for the most part Dougy is free to fashion his eccentricity and Saturday night was no exception. Think Antony and the Johnsons meets LALOTOA.

 But this ensemble is more than a front man. Jonny, with his bass strapped up under his chin, manoeuvred around the stage with clumsy precision and was by far the most mobile of the four. Lorenzo, in charge of the guitar solos, subtlety drove the melody from the side of stage. And Toby completed the trap from the drums proving it doesn’t have to be fast to be good.

 The show wasn’t flawless. The drummer missed the lead of the fourth song and they had to restart. But they turned what could have been an awkward moment into an opportunity to make everyone laugh and reaffirmed the intimacy between the band and the audience. 

 The Temper Trap are unique and it is difficult to liken them to anything else without undermining there individuality. But the sound was reminiscent of Arcade Fire with a kick. Applause!

Check out some pics from the gig here