The Tea Party – Writing’s On The Wall

I’m a fucking huge fan of The Tea Party. If I could take my dream partner to one gig it would be the 1999 Falls Festival; amongst the dust and the freezing temperatures where I saw The Tea Party play one of the most mind blowing sets I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen a load of live music but that was a set that will stick with me for a long, long time.

Writing’s On The Wall is the band’s latest single, but from the opening few bars you would swear that its Tool’s latest. It’s not until Jeff Martin’s unique vocals kick in that you can tell it’s a Tea Party song.

This song sees The Tea Party head back to their rock roots, and there’s no complaint coming from this reviewer. I’m a little surprised this track hasn’t received a bigger flogging on certain radio stations as it’s great straight up rock music! It had me bashing my foot against the footrest as I wrote this review.

The Tea Party have seemed to have dropped their trademark eastern influences and it will be interesting to see if these influences reappear on the full lengther Seven Circles. I’m now hanging out to see The Tea Party back in this country!