The Streetlight Parade – The Streetlight Parade

Canberra’s music scene is blossoming. Not only is there a promising number of quality solo acts, duo’s and quirky punk bands, but we have a very nice burgeoning indie rock scene. Joining this scene is The Streetlight Parade who, after playing their way around Canberra’s local haunts, won a prized slot at Foreshore 2011. This comes on the back of releasing their debut self-titled EP; a 4 track gem of guitars, pop-inspired melodies and moving lyrics.

Taking cues from bands like Vampire Weekend, The Wombats and The Drums, the guys have helped revive the multi-guitar layered sound and it’s a welcome change from the electronica that seems to be overtaking the music scene.

Their opening track, You and Me in the 60’s sounds familiar, even on its first listen. The catchy hook and interestingly British-inspired vocals could have come from working class England, rather than around the corner in Canberra. This is reinforced by the third track, Climbing Clouds, which is surely a catchy pop classic that could help propel this band to bigger and better things.

An acoustic version of On the Back of Icarus rounds out the EP. It’s a lovely, layered song stripped back and bare, revealing lead singer, Navid Sabet’s raw vocals. It may run a little long at 5:28, but it shows off the musicianship of this young talented quartet.

Whilst there has been an recent aforementioned glut of bands out of the US and UK in the last few years with a similar sound, there have yet to be many Australian artists that can capture the guitar inspired indie rock sound that has been so popular.

The Streetlight Parade has made a solid foray into this genre and the local scene. With festival coverage and many local gigs under their belts, there is no telling what will become of this local band, but they have sure made a promising debut.