The Roots will tour Australia this year

Everybody’s favourite hip-hop/soul/funk talk show backing band The Roots are coming back to Australia after far too long an absence. Band leader and drummer ?uestlove leaked the news to an inquisitive fan via Twitter in response to the question, “hey quest are you coming down under anytime?” He replied saying that the band “will be in Aussie day after Xmas for a week in 2013”.

The Roots were regular visitors to our shores once upon a time, coming out for the Vivid festival in 2003 and also performing sideshows with Jurassic Five, before returning in 2005. They were also here in 2007 for the Blues and Roots festival, as well as its sideshows. And although they were booked for the 2009 Good Vibrations festival after that they unfortunately cancelled (being replaced on the bill by Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest), and soon after announced that they would be effectively retiring from touring for several years so that they could join The Jimmy Fallon Show as its house band.

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Australian fans who’d missed out on what seemed like the final chance to see them at the time. A week in Australia, right in prime summer festival season, will hopefully make up for missing out on them four years ago.

The Roots’ last album, 2011’s Undun, was a complex and layered concept album charting the life of a character named Redford Stephens who grows up in a rough neighbourhood and turns to a life of crime. Earlier this year they announced that they were collaborating with Elvis Costello on a new album called Wise Up Ghost that would be released on September 13.

In the meantime, here’s a clip from The Jimmy Fallon Show in which The Roots demonstrate what the theme from Super Mario Bros. would sound like if it had rap lyrics, because honestly any excuse to re-post this is good enough.