The Rapture – In The Grace Of Your Love

After five years The Rapture have finally made a return with In The Grace Of Your Love. The album is a curious affair with a penchant for metamorphosis, though it also proves about as patchy as a pirate ship.

In The Grace Of Your Love begins with an unusual opener in Sail Away, a pseudo-anthemic effort that fails to hit the mark. A patient kick-drum and swelling synthesisers work only to conjure suspicions that one has been carelessly and randomly dropped into the record. Truly, Sail Away immediately recalls a kind of bridge that usually follows on from about two-minutes of music – two minutes that never actually feature here. Naturally, then, when Sail Away goes onto hit its stride just seconds in, the song quickly loses its lustre and In The Grace Of Your Love is damned to a strangely dull first impression. Following its emphatic electro-pop inclinations, Sail Away degenerates into a discordant jazz cacophony, tones reverberating wildly, making for a bizarre twist.

Miss You comes across as a more complete effort, a jaunty, finger-snapping swagger in full swing. Here, The Rapture’s simple yet effective pop sensibilities come to the fore. Though this makes for a more engaging experience, it suffers from the same fate as Sail Away, the song concealing a stubborn adherence to its foundations. In fact, The Rapture appear content to spring this very trap throughout the record, monotony rife as a consequence. Their songs often go disappointingly undeveloped, sporting a dull electronic throb instead of a steady evolution towards an interesting climax. Unfortunately, not even Luke Jenner’s yelped sentiments pick up the slack, his lyrical contribution rarely of any great consequence. Unfortunately, Jenner wastes no time at all in demonstrating the fact that he’s far from a compelling poet.

Pleasingly, the second half of In The Grace Of Your Love out-shines the first, staking its claim via more captivating material. The disco-tinged groove of Never Die Again looks poised to dominate dance-inclined indie-nights, a brass section and a rapid catch-cry sealing the deal. Meanwhile, How Deep Is Your Love professes thick jungle of percussion, one that operates beneath a simple yet effective chorus. It might just be the record’s zenith, the tenth track proving an intricate and emphatic success.

Despite sporadic triumphs, In The Grace Of Your Love generally demands a wealth of patience, both slow-burning and subtle in its approach. The most rewarding moments shun such a trend in favour of a more accessible dance-punk tact and, unfortunately, such moments are scarce and occasionally ineffective regardless. Overall, In The Grace Of Your Love is not quite as disarming nor exciting a record as fans might have hoped for after half a decade.