The Pigeon Detectives – Wait For Me

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a band with the same intensity as i do the Pigeon Detectives. As I slipped their disc into my car stereo a few days ago, I awaited their first song with baited breath and much anticipation. What I was assailed with was a pathetic Brit-pop uptempo indie track which sounds like the kind of stuff Alex Turner would have written when he was twelve, all bite with no teeth.

Giving the band the benefit of the doubt and switching to the next track, it sounded eerily like Razorlight. And the next Bloc Party. Maybe the joke’s on me, but this album reads like the Dummy’s guide to Nu-Brit-Rock. that’s not good if you’re a fledgling band trying to carve a niche in an already overcrowded scene.

But The Pigeon Detectives, obviously devoid of originality, also have no shame, blatantly ripping off better bands with absolutely no finesse and ending up sounding like what She Wants Revenge do to Interpol. The answer to that music nerd trivia question is ‘half-assed’. These boys must have some friends in very high places, or else the UK scene is so desperate for new bands week after week (otherwise the NME folk wouldn’t sleep at night!) that they sign pathetic little outfits like this.