The new Zoolander 2 trailer is chock full of cameos including A$AP Rocky

David Bowie stole the show with his cameo in the first Zoolander, so can the second coming of everyone’s favourite really, really ridiculously good-looking male model produce a moment better than Bowie adjudicating a walk-off?

Probably not. But the latest trailer for Zoolander 2 gives it a red hot go dropping guest spots from Skrillex and A$AP Rocky. In his brief bit on screen Rocky raps “Hansel and Derek/I’m handsome, you jealous/I can tell it from facial expression,” while Skrilly can be seen behind the decks. Neither moment beats out Justin Bieber’s untimely death scene from the first trailer but, frankly, that’s a hard task to follow.

Watch the trailer below.

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