The Living End roll on into Stonefest09

Aussie favourites, The Living End are to return to play Canberra’s spooky music festival, Stonefest. The band is more charged than ever and are said to have a riot of a performance for fans! But, take yourself back a few years prior the release of their album, White Noise and you’ll find that TLE were actually on the verge of calling it quits.

The frustration of it all lead to a massive break. “It wasn’t the kind of ‘Hey guys, let’s go on a holiday?’, it was more ‘Do we really want to do this anymore?’ We sort of parted ways and said if the urge comes let’s get in touch, if not I’ll see you when I’m looking at you,” says TLE bassist Scott Owen.

Their break wasn’t exactly a holiday to the tropics, but it was probably a good thing. The band had charged their “aired out the dirty laundry, so to speak.”

Then magically, the band came together to create White Noise which has since been a big success. With more than a decade of work and performances to keep fans and gain new, TLE have managed to keep every album different to the last albums albums whille keeping their own style. “We haven’t varied in the sense of doing a death metal album, and than doing a jazz album but with what we do, I think our style is sort of varied.

The tour schedule for TLE is endless, how do they keep up with writing on the road? They don’t. Writing is left ‘til after. “I’m pretty sure that plenty of ideas come along the way but it seems like when we’re touring we sort of concentrate more on the shows.” Owen puts it like this; “Living out of a suitcase, pissing in port-a-loos at festivals, living off catering at gigs and stuff. It’s not the most glamourous lifestyle, it’s not really inspiring. We’d end up with an album about how dull it is to be sitting on a bus for most of your life in dirty clothes. When we’re done touring, we get ourselves a rehearsal room and just get in there: day in and day out. We just jam on ideas as we can, just experimenting you know, where we’re a little more relaxed”.

TLE is making their second appearance at Stonefest. “We did it in 2005,” recalling some drama’s with the PA system. Owens reminisced, “I just remember the confused look of people’s faces. Fortunately we have a dozen songs which people seemed to know. So even so, everyone was just singing along and having a good time.”

This year – Owens states he’s impressed with the bill. “I’m looking forward to seeing Children Collide – they’re a real rock band, Frenzal Rhomb, – always interesting, and Josh Pyke because I like his tunes.” He went on to add, “It’s always good to check out the bands [playing],” but admits sometimes they do not always get the opportunity to do so. It all comes down to timing and the band’s nerves. “If we were able to play a earlier in the afternoon, then we’d be able to relax and go check out the bands and enjoy them. I always find when we’re playing last, I’m nervous,” Owen sighs.

After Stonefest, TLE will be disappearing over the next month to play long line of shows in Europe. Christmas will come, then a new year.

According to Owen, a new album is promised but when the band really cannot say. “These things have to come in their own time, rushing it can be really big mistake. We’ve put stupid deadlines on ourselves in the past and we’re not going to let that happen again.”

Come and see The Living End at the University of Canberra’s Stonefest on October 31. Buy your tickets though Ticketek.