The Last Broadcast @ Jive Bar, Adelaide (23/07/11)

The Last Broadcast are quickly becoming known as one of Adelaide’s finest up-and-coming outfits and after their performance Saturday, it’s easy to see why. Fresh from recording their debut EP, Into the Night, the handsome five-piece are gearing up for a big year and kicked off celebrations Saturday night with the support of fellow Adelaidians, The Bakers Digest. Not-Too-Badelaide, Adelaide.

I should start off by mentioning that I love freebees. No matter what it is – if it is free, I want it. Thus you can imagine my excitement when the kind security guard at Jive passed me a FREE copy of the Last Broadcast’s EP as I walked through the doors. Well played boys, I loved you before ever hearing or seeing you, meaning this review is probably pretty biased (sorry).

As I entered the venue, the first thing I noticed was that the upstairs section was closed off. It’s never the best sign for a gig, but luckily I was too giddy with delight over my FREE CD to care. A moderately large crowd had gathered by nine o’clock and by nine-thirty, The Bakers Digest were ready to go. Taking the stage to an empty floor must be a daunting feeling. People were avoiding the floor in front of the stage like the plague and as a result, were all packed tightly by the bar. Regardless, the boys played a solid set delivering their take on the alt-folk-rock movement. The marriage between the crisp guitar and organ sounds were delicious, not to mention front man Tom Mason’s enticing vocals. Star of the set goes to single, Money Goes Lately. I was fighting the urge to break onto the dance floor and bust a move to that infectious backing piano – a little more liquid courage and I probably would have. It’s hard not to love a bit of old folk n’ roll, isn’t it?

Throughout the intermission, the crowd dramatically grew in size. By the time the hometown heroes were ready to take the stage, the venue was packed, punters had flooded the floor and yes, the upstairs section had opened. All eyes were on the projector and as the video began, a wave of silence was cast over the room as though someone had yelled Silencio (I saw Harry Potter yesterday). A black and white film shot onto the screen showing people dancing and having a ball, followed by a blackout with the words, “The Last Broadcast EP Launch” written in white. Bold. A few ‘yeahs’ and ‘woos’ were thrown towards the stage as the excitement grew. The video then crossed over to Channel Nine Weatherman, Brenton Ragless where he proceeded to give a report on the day’s weather, finishing with something similar to; “but sunny times are ahead as I cross live to Adelaide’s The Last Broadcast at Jive”. It was at this point that the boys exploded into their first song. Epic, smooth and thoroughly entertaining – well done.

Donning a black and white striped blazer, front man Tom Kurzel looked the part and certainly sounded it too, as did the rest of the band. The boys played like seasoned professionals and had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands, dancing and waving their arms about. Their infectious hooks and toe-tapping melodies instil a sense of fun and youthful ecstasy that stops nothing short of a good time and I would not hesitate to see them again. Oh and Tim Haslam? Boy, oh boy can that man play the piano – incredible.

The boys showcased tracks from their new EP, with the help of fellow Adelaide all-stars Aaron and Benn of The 20th Century Graduates, as well as performed a few ‘inspirational’ hits such as Little Richard’s Tutti Frutti, which was sensational. I do not think it is physically possible to frown during that song. Queen of Broken Hearts and Baby I know You were highlights, with the title track off of the EP, Into the Night proving to be an explosive end to the set.

An encore was called by the excited crowd as the boys left the stage, and to be honest it was pretty obvious that they had already prepared to give one. I don’t think that all of the band members had even made it off-stage before they turned back. My advice? Maybe next time; jump off stage, count one-Mississippi-two-Mississippi-three-Mississippi-four and then come back out – absence makes the heart grow fonder and it never hurts to build suspense. That said, the encore was tremendous, I could not have been happier with their song choice. Cranking out Army by Ben Folds is always a big tick in my book. Kudos.

All in all; a truly wonderful performance from one of Adelaide’s most promising up-and-comings. If you have a chance to see these guys live, which I am sure that you will in the near future, I would certainly urge you to do so. Get around these guys.

If I had to point out one improvement, it would be for Tom Kurzel to work on his left peck and I thank pianist Tim Haslam for pointing that out to me.