The Invitation @ The Evelyn, Melbourne (05/11/09)

The Invitation have been establishing themselves as quite a strong act on the Melbourne and interstate music scenes, especially since the release of their debut EP Make Me Believe in August, and their gig at the Evelyn added to their list of impressive performances. Their catchy, pop/rock songs combined with support from the equally as enthralling Ikarii and Brittle, created a truly vibrant atmosphere and made for a night of vocal superiority and all-round entertainment.

Ikarii opened the show with charisma and confidence. They did not simply play for the audience, but they performed for them and they did so with a high level of professionalism. Finding just the right balance between over-doing it and not having enough, their showman antics captivated and pleased, especially with the added element of frontman Sean Marsh’s constant cheerful smiles. Even inspiring some dancing among selected members of the crowd, their set was happily received by all.

After a speedy change over, Brittle was warmly welcomed to the stage and quickly rewarded the room for their enthusiasm. They put everything into their performance as though they were headlining, yet at the same time they made their dynamic set seem effortless. Drawing on songs both old and very new (playing a –  “virgin’ song, Wolf ), they effectively connected with the audience on a number of levels. Brittle are the type of band that you really look forward to seeing, and they never let you down.

An already greatly satisfied crowd were more than content for the night to continue and embraced the arrival of The Invitation. Kicking off their short but very sweet set with popular track from their EP, Disappointment, the band launched straight into a solid and energetic show.

During what would be only an eight song set, lead guitarist Leigh Enright was a standout figure. Displaying an obvious passion and a noteworthy talent, he captured as many, if not more, sets of eyes as frontman Ryan Enright. His strong stance and what appeared to be a natural ability made him a pleasure to watch.

Ryan’s near flawless vocals further propelled their performance to be held in high regards by most in the room. Nailing every big note as well as demonstrating his impressive range in the slower sections, his abilities hardly went unnoticed. For those who were new to The Invitation, he would have easily cemented himself in the position of a sound performer.

Including a number of crowd pleasing songs, such as Young Hearts, Stop Beating and Hearing Voices, the set seemed to gratify the audience despite its short duration. They executed each track with a polished synchronisation and are clearly aware of what works for their band and their audience. The Invitation were the perfect ending for a night of solid, up-and-coming pop/rock.