The Hives – A Little More For A Little You

The ultimate sign of a rock star has got to be dressing inappropriately for the weather.  And if this is true, what band could be more rock’n’roll than The Hives.  Few people have such a dedication to fashion, but bloody hell, these guys pull it off in style. Wearing the same trade-mark black and white suits everywhere from home nation Sweden to the  Big Day Out, the Hives bring style coated rock’n’roll to the masses with infamous live shows and heart-stopping riffs. 

Luckily they’ve managed to time their next Australian tour just before summer starts. A Little More for a Little You, the third single from Tyrannosaurus Hives is timed to coincide with this tour.

A Little More for a Little You is typical Hivean rock music, which is far from original yet distinctive and catchy. While the riff isn’t as catchy as Hate to Say I Told You So or Walk Idiot Walk, the chorus, courtesy of vocals from Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist, truly holds its own. 

Lyrics are barely understandable but always interesting, especially considering they’re from a band that didn’t have English as a first language.  Lines like
I went on strike
when the union said I would
Had a sign in my hand cause the times were no good

should feature on new workplace reforms ads, but are little more than a vehicle to show off the great vocal stylings of Pelle.

The angular guitars, from Vigilante Carlstroem and Nicholaus Arson, match the tailored suits and punctuate the verses. The two guitars play together, using both to create the riff that the song is based on. 

So if you missed the Hives on tour this October, console yourself with their latest single. And while you’ve got to like them for their dedicated style, you should love them for their catchy retro riff rock.