The Hitmen – It Is What It Is

If you’re looking for a slice of Aussie rock history then this deluxe 2 CD rerelease from The Hitmen is one for your collection. It Is What It Is flashes pure detroit rock in the vein of MC5 and Radio Birdman.

The Hitmen, coming as they did, after the demise of Birdman and before the rise of bands like the Eastern Dark, The Lime Spiders, The Screaming Tribemen and, lest we forget, The Celebate Rifles, were kinda lost in the middle ground. But pound for pound they fucking pack a pretty impressive punch. The singer Johnny Kannis was, and probably still is, pure circus sideshow showman!!

Originally recorded on ABC Records!! Tora Tora TDK set a standard for all that hair and detroit glam that was to come. Songs like Bwana Devil and It’s So Hard are ripping classics!! From go to woe It Is What It Is hammers out icon after icon.

I must say The Hitmen, when I first saw them live at The Kardomah Cafe in the ‘Cross’ did have a distinct whiff of the big cheese about them. Kannis and Mazuak strutting around like hard rock drag queens brought a sense of the dramatic to the band but hell they bloody knew it! With a show that sat somewhere between the New York Dolls, The Stooges and Iron Maiden you didn’t leave unsatisfied that’s for sure!!! And It Is What It Is reflects all that and much fucking more.

Bwana Devils with tight pants and shit loads of hair (head and chest!!!)