The Gallery Kiss, Ghostwood, Lost Valentinos @ Never Land Bar, Coolangatta (07/08/2009)

In their own claim to fame Lost Valentinos stole the show at the Never Land Bar last Friday night in Coolangatta. Two other bands – The Gallery Kiss and Ghostwood were the support for what resulted in a tiny two level bar room rave!

The Neverland Bar – as childish as it sounds – was no playground for kiddies. Aside from a full moon that lit up the evening, a dark but pleasant aura filtered inside where one could almost succumb to fear.

The Gallery Kiss were shoveled on a half hour late to a quietly subdued crowd eager for a show. The band in reply served up a modest dish of indie-punk filled noise; not bad for a three piece without a bass.

Ghostwood were placed into the egg basket at around 10pm. It was a slow start of plucking through Red Version. Unfortunately for the quartet a loss of power halted their set. Fifteen minutes later they re-emerged from the crowd to play a fairly rushed reprisal of Red Version. The blokes sounded immensely like a vast array of haunting, wall of sound, prog-rock and indie style mayhem.

Punters were entertained during the last song when Paddy Harrowsmith’s lead guitar was suddenly mute. He threw his guitar on the stage and looked at his frontman Gabby Navidzadeh who smiled as if to say, “Not much I can do about it.” Reluctantly, Navidzadeh gave him the guitar he was using. Harrowsmith threw it back at him and the song was over. They came off the stage all glum faced, but isn’t that what rock –  “n’ roll is all about?

It was about 11pm when the punters flooded the venue for tonight’s stars. Andrew Santamaria, Patrick Santamaria, Simon Parker, Jono Ma and Nik Yiannikas drifted upon stage during the dj’s set of club/dance music. The screaming of fans and a basic light show lit up the darkness.

The first familiar song was Midnights/In the Cities of Gold. Nik sang the lyrics “I will leave it all behind,” to a swaying crowd unsubdued and eager for more techno. “More techno?” Nik questioned his audience.

As the band played the melodious pop song Serio the dancers amongst the crowd swooned. Nik drew the crowd into a frenzy with a crotch grab that would make Michael Jackson cry.

Conquistadisco erupted into a rave during the band’s full throttle set. The Bismark is another club anthem and Nik coerced his fans in front of him to dance. Who were they to disobey?

Seemingly, the crowd was Nik’s orchestra. The rock star twisted and bended his hands, extending the mic chord, biting into it with his arms out stretched, the bass booming. With the crowd now in his face, it was starting to heat up. Dispersed smoke made it almost unbearable downstairs, but the show went on.

As for the other members, Andrew on lead guitar was technically sound and performed as a well dressed rock-star should – no holds barred. Patrick on flawless bass blended in behind his good looking brother. Drummer Simon was hard to see behind the ever-entertaining frontman Nik. Make no mistake though, his bass drums and tom toms kicked up the beat all through the hour long set.

Jono, the key co-ordinator and possibly the backbone of their new style of club anthems, injected his worth on keys and rhythm guitars with the immense back beat in songs such as Thieves and Serio.

During their Cities Of Gold tour the band are handing out gold coins with their web address and logo. Everyone in the club mosh managed to get one. You can catch Lost Valentinos near you and get one yourself. Bring your glowsticks!