The Forum Sydney closes

The Forum at Moore Park – home to many gigs over the years – has announced it’s closing its doors. The announcement comes from Waterfall Entertainment, who manage the venue.

“The landlord has decided to capitalise on the success of Waterfall Entertainment and the Forum by negotiating a new lease to a national operator,” reads the statement from Waterfall director Damien Comerford. “I am delighted with everything we have achieved at the Forum and I would like to publicly thank my team who have worked tirelessly to help establish the Forum as one of Australia’s best live music venues.

“The feedback from punters over the years has been amazing. People really fell in love with the place. We will be announcing our next project shortly and are hoping to deliver as we have done in the past with both the Gaelic Club and The Forum with an exciting new venture.”

It’s worth noting that there could still be hope for the site as an entertainment space under a different name, given that the landlord is “negotiating a new lease to a national operator”.

The FasterLouder Sydney community will no doubt be keeping its fingers crossed given the great acts who have graced the venue. Stay tuned for updates.