The Eels – Dirty Girl

Fans of the Eels are sure to be impressed by the band’s latest single release. Taken from their recently released ‘Eels with Strings: Live at Town Hall’ album, Dirty Girl can give listeners a taste of what to expect from the full-length recording. This track is regarded as the focus track of the album, which is a recording of their New York Town Hall show on 30 June 2005.

The Eels last toured Australia in October 2005, bring their live strings show to our shores for the very first time (having toured here a number of times in the past). Without doubt, anyone fortunate enough to witness the magic of the Eels on this tour will get at least a little nostalgic when listening to the Dirty Girl single. It is a fine representation of what live concert recordings should sound like. However, despite the fact that Dirty Girl is a fine track to listen to, the chances of many people buying it are slim. The people likely to purchase a live recording of the Eels would be those who are fans in the first place who, when given the choice, are certain to opt for the full-length album (or, alternatively, the accompanying DVD).

The full-length release features, in addition to Dirty Girl, a number of classics from the Eels’ back catalogue, as well as covers of songs by Bob Dylan, Johnny Rivers and the Left Banke. My advice: take it upon yourself to listen to the Eels accompanied by strings, but do it properly with a broad representation of what they have to offer and listen to the album.