The Early November on indefinite hiatus

The world of emo has had to face another blow since Matchbook Romance announced they are going on an indefinite hiatus, New Jersey five-piece The Early November have decided to follow their lead and go on one themselves.

After releasing the For All of This EP in 2002, the band set a benchmark in the industry as bringing a breath of fresh air. They then released anticipated album The Room’s Too Cold on Drive-Thru Records in 2003 and cemented their place as one of the most respected band’s in the industry in America. Then in 2006 they suprised everyone by releasing a follow-up triple disc concept album entitled The Mother, The Mechanic and the Path. This album was split into a proclaimed ‘rock’ disc, an ‘unplugged acoustic’ disc and a conceptual disc which followed a storyline of therapy and mixed differant music elements and styles including blues, country and folk. After this somewhat short but eventful history The Early  November have decided to take a break. This message from the band was posted on their website.

“We would like to announce that at end of our current headlining tour, The Early November will be taking a indefinite hiatus.

Through out the past six years we have released two LPs, two EPs, played over one thousand shows, seen six wonderful countries, have met thousands of great people, made lifelong friends, and have broken countless amounts of instruments. We have done more than we have ever thought possible for a small rock band out of southern New Jersey. We are very proud and very grateful of every moment we have spent as The Early November.

In case any of you are wondering, this is not a result of anything one can consider negative. No fighting, no one hates each other, no one has a substance abuse problem…none of the typical baggage that is usually carried along with rock bands taking a hiatus. The situation is actually much the opposite. We all love and care for one another tremendously. We’re as close of friends as we have ever been and, as long as the five of us exist, we will continue to be so. This ‘hiatus’ or “break” is just a result of time and life. As we grow older, priorities change. We’ve decided we need to take some time and see that life isn’t all dirty rock clubs, rest stops at 2 am, and long distance phone calls. We have to be where we haven’t been in the past six years; with our friends, family, and loved ones.

We hope this isn’t completely somber news to anyone of you. We want to view it almost in the same way many cultures view the passing of a friend or loved one. Not to mourn but to celebrate their life and memory. In our small way, we’d like to do the same. We invite you to come and send off something that has meant so much to the five of us for so long. We may or may not being coming back. Who knows. But for now, all we can say is “Thank You.” “Thank You,” to everyone who was or has been a part of making our dreams a reality. Most importantly, “Thank You” to every single TEN fan. We hope you guys understand.

We truly love all of you.

– Ace, Joe, Jeff, Serg, Bill The Early November”