The Drones Take Out The Inaugural AMP (Australian Music Prize)

The first ever Australian Music Prize, or AMP for short, was awarded last night, with Melbourne four-piece The Drones beating out stiff competition to walk away with the coveted $25,000 cash prize. The Drones wont for their critically acclaimed album ‘Wait Long By The River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By’, triumphing over the likes of Ben Lee, Wolfmother, Tex, Don & Charlie and more.

Following their win, Gareth Liddiard of The Drones joked, “We played in Sydney last week and both of our guitars totally died. The guts fell out of mine and Rui’s neck snapped off. We’ve done over 100 shows in the last four months and we have some nasty debts. We have another world tour starting in May. That’s after we do two tours of Australia. We can’t get jobs because we tour so much. Food is a luxury item right now. We burn through money so it’s safe to say that the 25G’s will not go to waste.”

Currently on tour with Dinosaur Jr, FasterLouder would like to congratulate The Drones on their win!