The Doctor’s Top 10 Frenzal Rhomb moments

Almost 20 years since the first dodgy chord progression and bad rhyme was written The Doctor looks back on his top ten Frenzal Rhomb moments. From getting to play on Hey Hey it’s Saturday to being beaten backstage by the Wu-Tang Clan it’s been a hell of a ride.

10. Recording with “Stevie” Bill Stevenson

Apparently he was in some seminal bands or something [Descendents, Black Flag], or produced some amazing records [Rise Against, The Lemonheads]. Whatever. My favourite Bill moment was when he, shirtless, pulled his shorts down and passed wind, without a clothing barrier, right as Tom was laying down some mad bass licks. Needless to say, as a impetus to get stuff right, it’s unparalleled.

9. Tom joining the band

Humans spend our lives searching for that special someone, the missing piece of our puzzle. After 10 years flailing around aimlessly, we finally found Tom. Bass playing unsurpassed, vocals mostly passable, but most importantly amongst his ilk, a nice guy. Even if he does watch too many Youtube conspiracy videos. I guess Gordy joining was okay too.

8. Going on Hey Hey it’s Saturday

Maybe not in terms of audience satisfaction, but our appearance in the dying weeks of the original 27-year run was notable for a few things. Meeting Pluck-A-Duck, seeing Billy Piper cry when her mic cut out, and my guitar lead pulling out whilst running towards Darryl, trying to scare the smirk off his face. And failing. Next time we’ll do it in blackface.

7. Watering the American Highway

On a 4 month US/Canadian tour in one of the Descendents converted refrigerator trucks, Jason was sick of using a water bottle to urinate in. So, rigging up a safety harness of ocky straps and drunk courage, kicked open the back door as we charged down the road at 120 kms an hour, relieving himself all over the van behind us. Fenix TX’s tour van from memory.

6. Jason’s “cracking” stagedive

The tour above came to an abrupt halt when Jason, on stage in Calgary, Alberta, took a courageous stagedive out over the rabid Canadian audience, and came back towards the stage, his birdlike left arm sliding neatly into a small crevasse in the stage, and bending back, near-180 degree the wrong way, with a crack that could be heard above our instruments. Jason is rushed to hospital, Chixdiggit soldier on, and Gordy and I accept the management’s sincere apologies – and free drinks for the rest of our stay.

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