The Devil Rides Out @ Rosemount Hotel, Perth (25/11/11)

If you were lucky enough to attend the Rosemount on Friday night you would have been treated to see a few of the hardest working bands on the Perth local scene, and all for a good cause; raising funds for Movember 2011 and men’s health (Depression).

The first band to hit the stage and kick the night off was The Sure-Fire Midnights, a five-piece all woman’s bands sporting taped on moustaches which added a nice touch and chuckle amongst the crowd. Despite playing in front of a small crowd, it was great to see these women play with such intensity. Lead guitarist Laura McCormack’s stage presence was a joy to watch and her confidence seemed to inspire the rest of the band members. Sexy, sweaty, rocking roll is almost an understatement for this band.

Cal Peck and the Tramps was next on the bill. With what seemed to be a sketchy start with a lot of chatting to the sound engineer to get the right sound before announcing to the crowd a few songs into the set that they were actually a band member down for the night with bassist Byron Robertson having to go to hospital at short notice. It really showed the skills of these guys to still take to the stage one man down, and by halfway through the set they had found their groove and produced an entertaining set.

Next was the well-known three-piece instrumental surf-guitar Perth band Day of the Dead. These guys picked things up to a new level. Their confidence just shines on stage, and they just seem to bounce off each other with what they do. They have found a sound that really works for them and they seem to really enjoy what they are doing, but with all their skill, it would be nice to see a little more original material produced by them.

Now for the moment everyone had all been waiting for, it was time for The Devil Rides Out to hit the stage, and that they did. Front man Joey K is captivating to watch, dressed in a truckers cap and checkered shirt, he just oozes confidence. It’s been five years since the doors of hell opened up and spat out the Devil Rides Out playing their first gig in June 2006. As soon as the first notes of the first song Inheritance cranked in you knew it was going to be a killer set. The first of two new songs on the card for the night was_ Lovely Creature_ Even after Joey K stated that he might forget the lyrics and have to mumble at times, it seemed to go down well with the crowd. Their second new song, _Empty Sky_also met with a good response.

Introducing Hard Love, Joey K explained that when he wrote it he had thought it was about himself, but on reflection it turned out to be about his father. It was a very impressive set of material off of their new album The Heart and The Crown with other songs played including Ain’t No Money in the Music, I Keep Secrets and Watch It Burn. Overall, this five piece is still moving forward in the right direction and can only be described as pure rock fury in their live performance.