The Darkness – Love is Only a Feeling

The rise and rise of The Darkness has been meteoric. Their debut “Permission to Land” has done big business not only in their home territory of the United Kingdom, but around the world. “Love is Only a Feeling” is the fourth cut from that album. “Love is Only a Feeling” is a massive power ballad which fortunately doesn’t fall into the same traps as say Poison’s “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”. The song is clichíƒÂ©d, but The Darkness know that, as with everything they do they’re taking the piss out a late seventies, early eighties rock clichíƒÂ©.

Also included on this disc are two B-Sides: “Planning Permission” and “Curse of the Tollund Man”; with a title like that you’d swear it was from a Tull record. “Planning Permission” is a bit more of a straight up rock song, like “Growing on Me” from Permission to Land. It does rock, but I don’t think it makes the cut when compared to the material from the LP.“Curse of a Tolland Man” begins with a very Mexican acoustic guitar line and follows that with whispered lyrics until it hits full pelt. Again another quality track from The Darkness, if I was ordering this disc I would have made this the first of the two B-Sides, as I think its stronger than “Planning Permission”. If you’re a die-hard fan then this is definitely a single worth looking out for.