The Butterfly Effect, Numbers Radio, Greenthief @ The Arena, Brisbane (03/05/2012)

There are plenty of nostalgic feelings tonight as The Arena opens its doors to an almost sold-out crowd and all are keen to see The Butterfly Effect perform one last time with Clint Boge as their front man.

First up on stage are local lads Greenthief. Their set is tight and they are talented musicians who play a nice easy blend of alternative and indie rock and roll that starts the evening off nicely.

Next up are Numbers Radio, another Brisbane band. they play a more upbeat and punchier set and the growing crowd respond well, gathering closer to the stage to check out the trio. They are extremely hyped up and their energy is infectious as the guitar riffs threaten to melt off the punters faces.

The crowd that has now packed themselves into the venue are anxious as they await the headliners this evening. There is a real bittersweet vibe for a lot of the crowd as they have been fans of The Butterfly Effect since they first burst onto the scene with their self-titled EP in 2001 and while they love to see the band live, they are saddened at seeing Clint Boge’s final Brisbane performance.

But for a final performance the band goes all out. Bursting onto the stage with Beautiful Mine which features a haunting piano solo, they are brilliant from start to finish.

Boge is in his element on stage, shedding his jacket to reveal the familiar skeleton body suit he wears complete with suspenders, and he has the crowd eating out of his hand.

With three albums and an EP to choose from the set list is varied but showcases the crowd favourites as well as some that are rarely played live such as Consequence. What really stands out for this reviewer is that even though it is Boge’s last time singing in Brisbane, he does not make it all about him. It will always be about the band and he shows this by disappearing during some of the extended intros and the spotlight is squarely on guitarist Kurt Goedhart, bassist Glenn Esmond and drummer Ben Hall.

The talents of these musicians are showcased to the cheering crowd just as much as Boge’s haunting vocals.

Standouts from the main set are Reach, Consequence and the oldie but goodie, Phoenix. The crowd screams for more after the final chords of Worlds On Fire die away and are not disappointed as the band return for an acoustic version of Gone and The Cell before finishing on the rather fitting The End.

But one more song has yet to be played and it is one of the best. Boge and the band roar back onto the stage and into Always.

A perfect song to end the final show and as Boge screams ‘I am with you Always,’ the crowd screams it right back at him.