The Brow Horn Orchestra @ Mojos, Fremantle (11/06/11)

When I hit retirement I have a plan; to bake everyday; have the best rose garden in the village; own more cats then I can count on one hand and be the queen bee of the autumn centre. To me this seemed like the best retirement plan ever, until I met sweet old Nanna Melva. The lady was in town for one night only, and what a night! She was the Brow Horn Experience.

Not only did Nanna Melva spark a national nannahunt; she is pretty rad in general.

It’s not every day you see an 80 something year old rock up to Mojo’s in a limo and waltz casually down a red carpet in J-Lo trackies and quaver shaped bling. Not to mention her dance moves! Nanna Melva was the main part of the fantastic line-up enjoyed by all at the Brow Horn Experience. The Brow Horn Orchestra certainly know how to put on an experience, with smoking hot bands, free wine specially brewed with the Brow’s secret recipe, free popcorn from Krazy Karri’s Kandy Korner and of course a dancing nanna.

First up for the evening was Adelaide lads Them Plasms. No strangers to the stage, Them Plasms are Duncan Turner and James Presnel. The self proclaimed “lightest band in Adelaide” introduced the audience to some gospel punk rock blues riffs. Grabbing the audience’s attention with Presnel’s funk hiphopesque drum beats and Turner’s distorted blues guitar riffs, the boys finished the set with their own spin on Aretha Franklin’s Respect which left all satisfied.

Seams took to the stage next. Known as the Brow’s sister band, Seams pulled the audience in straight away with some fun space-pop. This amazing multi-instrumentalist band showed the audience what being a part of the Brow experience truly is. Lyndon Blue pulled out some psychedelic pop riffs on guitar and the electric violin not to mention their strong rhythm section. Their song Early remained stuck in people’s heads late into the night. This entertaining four-piece truly are one of Perth’s premier bands.

The rock n roll explosion that is the Dunhill Blues, is “easily the most underrated rock ‘n’ roll band in Australia”, according to Murray Engleheart of The Brags. Clearly Engleheart was correct because they blew the audience away. The six-piece broke the boundaries of hard hitting blues and rock n roll. They surprised the audience with gritty cut-throat vocals which complemented their style. They were joined on stage for most of the set by Duncan Turner from Them Plasms

Perth band the Brow Horn Orchestra finally made it to the stage, maintaining the energetic atmosphere created by the previous army of bands. This band is so full of amazingly talented musicians; there was almost not enough room on stage for everyone. Nicholas Owen hit the night running with his playful quips and electro pop beats. The audience was already dancing to the rhythm of the trumpets and booming drum beat of aptly named Don’t you want to sing forever? as the Brow took the night to a whole new level.

Nanna Melva was discovered two months ago dancing in the streets of Mandurah at a Brow Horn show, to later disappear into thin air! This sparked a grannyhunt across the nation to find out who she was and to get her dance moves back to Perth. Part of the Brow experience tonight involved recording the orchestra’s upcoming music video – featuring the lady of the hour herself.

Escorted into the crowd by bouncers, she was ready to show us how to dance like a pro. The Brow played their song while all lights and cameras were on Melva. Cheering and dancing, the audience were in the moment. Applause rang out as Melva left the dance floor and attention turned back to the band who continued their set with crowd pleaser Goliath. The dancing didn’t stop until after one final encore, the experience came to an end.