The Blacklist To Storm Europe!

The Blacklists’s triple axe suicide machine will be storming Europe this May with their unique barrage of rockin’ garage metal.

Following the blazing trail already forged by past and present greats such as Venom, Motorhead, the Hookers and Zeke, Melbourne’s Blacklist will be bleeding ears from Belgium to Slovenia for five weeks of rock ‘n’ roll fury. The band’s applauded 2004 release, Electric & Evil, released on Spooky Records received the horns up from many Eurothrash magazines and webzines leading to a European distribution deal with Sony BMG Germany.

Their final Australian show will see T-Bone O’Fury on bass, guitarists, the Jackal, Ion Scatt the 1st, Todd of Thunder along with Goodtime Gemmill on throat duties and Skull Crak pummeling skins  on Friday 22nd April at The Tote Hotel, Melbourne along with the Spazzys, Cockfight Shootout and From Hell. This is a grand finale not to be missed!

The Blacklist lead vocalist, Goodtime Gemmil will be a guest programmer on Kene Lightfoot’s Bitumen Burning show on PBS 106.7 Tuesday 19th April from 8pm.

So if you’re travelling Europe over the next few months, make sure you catch up with The Blacklist, here:

29th April – Holland – Db’s
30th April – Belgium, Jh Alfa, Brakel with Southern Voodoo
30th April – Holland, Queens Day Festival
1st May – Holland, Oud Liefken Zommergem with This Is Hell
3rd May – Belgium, Negasonic Bar
4th May – Holland – Bar & Boos
5th May – Holland, Atlantis Alkmaar
6th May – France, Quimper
7th May – France, St Hilaire Du H
8th May – France, Orleans
10th May – Germany, Stuttgart – Misdemeanor
12th May – Germany, Hamburg – Hafenklang
14th May – Germany, Rendesburg – Teestube
17th May – Germany Nuremburg – K4
19th May – Germany, Munich – Prager Fruhling with Digger & The Pussycats
20th May – Slovenia, Ljubljana – Orto Klub
21th May – Slovenia, Murska Sobota – Mikk

Stay tuned to FasterLouder for further updates.