The best band names of all-time, according to Spin

A Friday wouldn’t really be a Friday without a list to debate so here’s another attempt to answer that age old debate – What’s the best band name of all time?

We all know that the perfect band name should sound witty at first and then seem less funny each time you hear it, but now the crew at Spin (yes, the same folk who recently named Skrillex one of the best guitarists of all-time) has attempted to compile an authoritative list of the 40 best band names using what they jokingly refer to as “qualitative data and a scientifically sound blueprint”.

The best band names of all-time, according to Spin

40) Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel

39) Three Times Dope

37) Das Racist

36) Television

35) Thin Lizzy

34) Teenage Jesus & the Jerks

33) The Who

32) Three 6 Mafia

31) L7

30) Bathtub Shitter

29) This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb

28) The Band

27) Black Flag

26) The Strawberry Alarm Clock

25) The Slits

24) Tony! Toni! Toné!

23) The Shitty Beatles

22) The Art of Noise

21) Lipps, Inc.

20) The 13th Floor Elevators

19) Throbbing Gristle

18) A Tribe Called Quest

17) Mudhoney

16) Millions of Dead Cops

15) X

14) The Velvet Underground

13) Sex Pistols

12) Iron Maiden

11) Bikini Kill

10) Slayer

9) AC/DC

8) Devo

7) Brian Jonestown Massacre

6) Dead Kennedys

5) Joy Division

4) Big Star

3) N.W.A

2) MC5

1) Motí¶rhead

Check out Spin’s explanation for each name on the list