The Basics – Rattle My Chain (single)

In a time when music struggles to retain creative integrity over cyclic fashion trends, there is one band that has risen from the ashes of its underground hey-days to emerge as a solid contender to champion the Aussie independent scene.

The Basics are tight-knit three-piece hailing from the smoky back alley-ways of Melbourne’s live music community. Their 60’s pop rock flair is exemplified by sharp three-piece suits and a knack for a good time, forming the foundation of a catchy sound that strives to be simple and hook-driven. And The Basic’s single –  “Rattle My Chain’, uplifted from their album Stand Out / Fit In , delivers this message effectively in a string of quirky riffs and arbitrary lyrics.

It’s a winning formula that has won many hearts and The Basics’ rocking up-beat draws on a classic rock aesthetic from past generations without being over-complicated by busy technical bridges and asphyxiating vocals. The Basics are feisty and bring the fun back into the tunes, delivering a concise sound that is sometimes forgotten in this day and age when ego overrides the ability to construct decent music.

The single cover itself confirms that The Basics are the first band from a future when bands play whatever they want without fans worrying about whether the sound sounds new or old. The Basics have provided a clever philosophy to create by, bringing the smiles and good times without giving a damn about having to fit in. And that’s how good music should be!