The Bamboos @ Metro, Sydney (22/6/12)

Lance Ferguson, founding guitarist of this funky band, made it perfectly clear to all in attendance that this was the official Sydney launch of The Bamboos’ latest release Medicine Man. With the Melbourne unveiling under their belt and looking relaxed and happy and ready to party, the nine piece outfit were here to whip up a funky cure for the winter blues. Blasting off with two of the funkiest numbers on the record, Kylie Auldist sang her soul out on Cut Me Down and What I Know while the horns got well and truly loose for a long night ahead. Breaking away from the new album for a moment, the Motown stylings of Now That You Are Mine from Sidestepper was rolled out before taking us into another one to keep the people on the dance floor entitled Daydream, which Lance introduced as a brand new song..

Ella Thompson took vocals on the title track Medicine Man and it was sweet to have a different shade of vocals on this organ driven piece. Midnight is another one from Medicine Man that really got the room spinning and Auldist took back the lead vocals and displayed those golden pipes she possesses. The electricity in the room was matched by the energy coming off the stage from Lance on the guitar to Simon on the keyboards. Taking a nine piece band on the road is not be a huge profit making scheme, but it certainly is a sonic pleasure to be in the presence of these musicians who were getting off on what they were doing.

Word had it that special guests were in the house and sure enough Megan Washington came out to sing with the band on a few numbers and she floored the crowd, as is her style. The gorgeous Eliza was delivered as a showcase for Washington and was done with the ease and style you expect from her. She has a vocal quality that grabs the listener and makes them stand up and take notice. You could see it on the faces of the people having a party on George Street tonight. They did not want this woman to leave the stage.

The Bamboos have added another excellent album to their small but deep funk discography and it was a shakedown, get down, party for all in attendance. Australians don’t always get funk, but on this wintry evening they got the volcanic eruption of funk that is The Bamboos. Funk is the premier music to party on a Friday night anywhere in the world and The Bamboos got it down.