The Avalanches continue to test our patience

Update – 21 August:

The Avalanches have finally dropped a demo of a new four and a half minute spoken word track A Cowboy Overflow Of The Heart (Avs DCB Demo 1).

The Avalanches took to Twitter on the weekend to announce “”ok lets do this. trax coming tommorow xxx””: suggesting that they would finally release their first new material since 2000’s Since I Left You.

The tweet linked to Rosalinda Ruiz’s account who replied with ‘yezzir. we’re ready for round 2.’ According to Consequence of Sound, Ruiz is the manager for Dallas hip-hop duo A.Dd+, who are rumored to have recorded with The Avalanches.

So that’s all good news, right? Well, possibly but since that “”ok lets do this” tweet on the 18th of August the Avalanches haven’t actually posted any new tracks online. Perhaps they’re just sending a few tracks over to the A.Dd+ crew to work on or perhaps it’s just the latest in the Avalanche’s grueling, decade long effort to test our patience.

In December last year, The Avalanches announced that they were working with Royal Trux/RTX singer-songwriter Jennifer Herrema on a track called The Stepkids, which they boasted is “probably the best song we ever done”. Herrema then declared in January that the long awaited Avalanches record is “definitely going to come out this year”. Rapper Danny Brown is also set to feature on the track Frank Sinatra and lo-fi oddball Ariel Pink is also rumoured to appear on the mysterious album.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been teased with news of a new Avalanches album. Way back in December 2008 Modular kingpin Steve Pavlovic that he’d receive a copy of the album on Christmas Day that year and then in May last year he announced that the band had “finished and they’re celebrating. They’re going to have a little party to celebrate finishing it. The next stage will see the album go to someone to mix. And then we’ll probably drop a song later this year, and the album early next year.” According to a tweet from the band the album’s working title is On a Saturday or Friday Night Fever.

Anyway to get a dose of what possible Avalanches collaborators A.Dd+ sound like check out their When Pigs Fly album below. (Is their an Avalanches second album release date clue in that title?)