The Atlas Mountains @ Manhattan’s, Perth (03/09/10)

After taking a short break, the indie-rock band The Atlas Mountains made a triumphant comeback last night at Manhattan’s.

After graduating, Nashville songwriter Taylor Smith decided to move to Perth. Much to his excitement, he found a thriving music scene and eventually, through a lot of good luck and a few chance meetings, he got a talented group of people together. After more than a year of rehearsals and change of band members, they enlisted the help of local prodigy James Newhouse to record their debut LP, Sanskrit Owl live, in an abandoned warehouse in East Perth. The band has already received their fair share of local and national airplay and positive reviews in Australia.

With a simple staging and effective mood lighting, the audience’s focus was on the kept on the music. The audience also had an unexpected treat – the band decided to play some new tracks ahead of the release of the release of their new album.

As well as new tracks, they played some old favourites like Time Waits For No One and Adieu. A side screen showing Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests was the perfect accompaniment and fitted the mood of the crowd easily.

With almost a folk sound mixed with rock they definitely have a strong resemblance to the London based Mumford and Sons. The raw vocals and ‘hard hit’ moments however, set them in a league of their own.

The crowd got into the band easily and were enthusiastic. Time Waits For No One was dedicated to a member in the audience who had a birthday on the same night, was the crowd favourite. With a humble and honest intro, it led to a thumping, triumphant raging, and uniquely volleying guitar with drums that set it all off. The beautiful, raw and piercing vocals resonated with the listeners.

The rest of the songs oscillated from upbeat, indie pop/rock to country and even had a hint of blues thrown in. They pulled it all off with confidence and were a hit with the audience, who all eagerly participated in the show.

Needless to say, Atlas Mountains have made a strong comeback to the Perth music scene. With strong vocals and a broad and flexible music background, the Atlas Mountains continue to create strong and emotionally moving music. This band has a strong future ahead of them!