The Annandale loos get a revamp

If you have ever done a dash into the shadowy recesses of The Annandale Hotel’s toilets – hand clamped over your nose, fumbling to find the lock while ignoring the dampness of the toilet paper – you’ll be pleased to know that the Dale’s loos are finally getting a revamp!

The ‘buy-a-brick’ campaign that was launched in December to help save Sydney’s home of rock n roll from development, has been so successful thus far that the Brother’s Rule have been able to give the greenlight for a few small, much needed renovations to begin. In a statement released today publican Matt Rule said: “The old girl certainly is battered, so we felt it was important for people to see changes for their cash, and so giving her a facelift is the first job on the list. We’re also very happy to say, and I know that pretty much anyone who has been to the hotel will breathe a collective sigh of relief, that work on the dreaded Annandale toilets look like they will start in May.”

However, Matt is quick to point out that the battle to save the Dale is far from over. So if you haven’t had a chance to buy a brick just yet jump to it – If only so your grandchildren will have a place to watch bands and pee in comfort.