The Angels – Take It To The Streets

Take It To The Streets is the new album by The Angels. Not The Real Angels or Doc Neeson’s Angels, just The Angels. Of course, it’s not really The Angels – Doc Neeson has been turfed yet again, and while The Screaming Jets’ Dave Gleeson has been drafted in, guitarists John and Rick Brewster are always on hand to kill any momentum with some of the most listless guitars solos heard on record since Steven Seagal’s Mojo Priest.

Sonically, Take It To The Streets works through the sort of blues-rock that can be heard in suburban beer barns nationwide by bands that were inspired by the one-time kings of pub rock. Lyrically, it’s the sort of tough-yet-sensitive fare that gives little away. Gleeson’s impassioned, first-take delivery is convincing though, and represents an album strong point on the likes of ‘Telephone’ and ‘Wounded Healer’. That Take It To The Streets sounds like a decent Angels cover band sums up the album’s lack of character and conviction.