The Amity Affliction – Chasing Ghosts

The Amity Affliction know what they are doing and they know what their fans want. Breakdowns? Check. A mix of harsh and clean vocals? Check. Double kick drum assault? They tick all these boxes and rinse and repeat for 10 tracks. The Queenslanders find themselves at a crossroads between post-hardcore and pop-punk; with the screaming bluster of the latter up against the saturated vocals and melodramatic bleating of the former. Unfortunately they find the strengths in neither.

Even at its most aggressive, Chasing Ghosts shoots itself in the foot with slick production values. Its saccharine sheen takes all the guts out of the guttural vocals and turns guitar riffs into white noise. There is no reprieve in their toothless assault as maxed out, auto-tuned vocals and drums bleed into one another on every track. If great hardcore is a violent mugging then Chasing Ghosts is a Today Tonight crime re-enactment.