The 25 most hipster bands in existence, according to science

Want to know what your mustachioed, sailor tattooed barista is listening to on limited-edition cassette?

Obviously you can’t just ask him for fear of being crushed by a look of disdain so withering it would make Morrissey weep. But don’t worry: The team of “bike-riding, IPA-sipping, vinyl-listening hipsters” at Priceonomics have crunched the numbers to solve the mystery.

Of course, the first step to identifying a hipster band is Pitchfork approval. But as a true hipster will only listen to bands that no one else knows about, the Priceonomics team developed a metric to measure the obscurity of the acts. So measuring Pitchfork review scores (critical acclaim) against Facebook shares of those reviews (popularity) they’ve plotted out a graph that neatly categorises the “hipsterness” of acts including Kanye West, Burial, Deafhaven and Justin Timberlake. Basically, the further below the line the more hipster the band – or in other words it’s high quality but obscure.

(Source: Priceonomics Data Services)

Using the ground-breaking methodology, Priceonomics has been able to release a definitive list of the top 25 most hipster bands. The list features three acts from the recent Laneway festival lineup – Youth Lagoon, Autre Ne Veut, Danny Brown, and Savages – plus These New Puritans, Phosphorescent and Blood Orange. The same statistics also reveal which acts fail to pass the test as true hipster favourites due to their popularity.

The acts that are critically acclaimed yet far too popular to qualify for true hipster love (aka the “hipster-for-beginners” acts) include The National, Boards of Canada, My Bloody Valentine and Laneway 2014 alumni Chvrches, Run the Jewels, Haim, Earl Sweatshirt and Kurt Vile.

The key lesson: Going to Laneway might make you a hipster, but only if you’re hanging around the smaller stages.

(Source: Priceonomics Data Services)

(Source: Priceonomics Data Services)