The 25 best (and most awkward) Recovery moments

15. Fauves

So young. Such hair.


Little backpacks were never so cool.

13. The Dirty Three

Completely oblivious to the TV cameras and audience, The Dirty Three get lost in the moment. And you can still see Warren Ellis’ face!

12. Magic Dirt

Magic Dirt at their heaviest and most amazing.

11. Sonic Youth

A very jet-lagged Thurston and Kim face up to a very bubbly Jane Gazzo.

10. Tumbleweed

At the height of their stoner-rock greatness.

9. Silverchair

This episode of Recovery featured Silverchair as house band and we can still remember the amazingly awkward interview between Daniel Johns and Dylan Lewis to this day.

8. The Living End

Everyone was talking about this at school on Monday. No, really.

7. The Avalanches

Many years before they released the game-changing Since I Left You, The Avalanches had a bit of a Beastie Boys complex.

6. Midnight Oil

This Peter Garrett is almost unrecognisable. Footage of him at his wildest – dancing and picking up audience members to drag on stage.

5. Faith No More

On what would be their last tour of Australia for over a decade, Faith no More sat down with Dylan Lewis. Awkward/amazing.


TISM had quite a few memorable performances on Recovery. These are two of the best. Now, if we can just get them to reunite to play Meredith Music Festival all will be right in the world.

3. Chris Knox

In this episode, hosted by Andrew from The Fauves, legendary New Zealand musician Chris Knox breaks a string about two minutes in and goes a cappella. If only music TV was still this wonderfully shambolic.

2. Weezer

Possibly the most uncomfortable interview ever in the history of interviews. A very, very “sleepy” Rivers Cuomo can barely answer Dylan Lewis’ questions. You couldn’t have scripted this.

1. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Hands down the best Recovery moment ever.

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