The 25 best (and most awkward) Recovery moments

Hosted by a spiky-haired Dylan Lewis and a hair-clip lovin’ Jane Gazzo, Recovery made Saturday mornings in the late ‘90s something special. For four years it entertained us with endless awkward interview moments and some genuinely amazing musical performances. From Rivers Cuomo’s jet-lagged interview disaster to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion smashing up the ABC studios, music television didn’t get much better. Here are 25 of the most memorable Recovery moments.

25. Mavis’s

No band better represents 1998 in Australia than The Mavis’. Guys with spiky hair and chunky-soled shoes, girls wearing lime green with pig tails and far too many hair clips.

24. Grinspoon

Fresh from being unearthed by triple j a baby-faced Phil Jamieson leads his equally baby-faced bandmates through 1998’s nonsensical summer anthem ‘Just Ace’.

23. You Am I

Dylan Lewis’ ever awkward interview style meets a very young, dry-humoured Tim Rogers. It’s equal parts uncomfortable and interesting viewing.

22. Deftones

Out in Australia promoting their hit album Around The Fur, Chino from the Deftones barely managed to keep his eyes open during either the band’s performance or the interview with Jane Gazzo that followed. Ah, the ‘90s – when being stoned on national TV was OK.

21. Regurgitator

Unit is one of the best Australian albums of all time. And way back in 1998 a parachute-jacket sporting Ben Ely and Quan Yeomans accurately predicated the keytar revival a decade before it would actually occur.

20. Blink-182

When beige cargo pants and eye-brow rings ruled the world. Also note the ABC’s early morning swear policy in action as the band sings “He sucked her!”, instead of the real lyric.

19. Powderfinger

A reminder that long before bloated farewell tours and MOR solo albums, Powderfinger was truly a bit of orright.

18. Everclear

Yep, they were once cool too.

17. Eskimo Joe

It wasn’t always “black fingernails” and “red wine”.

16. Green Day

Long before they took themselves too seriously, Green Day gave great interview. One of their finest.


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