That hilarious Parquet Courts rider was fulfilled to the letter (again)

Yesterday we shared Parquet Courts’ Australian tour rider, featuring a still life from frontman Andrew Savage and some pretty normal requests like “beautiful” and “inspiring” flowers and Red Bulls with the labels obscured in “accordance with our shame”. Is that really so much to ask for?

Apparently not, with the Shadow Electric team recreating the band’s “hospitality plot” at their show at the University of Melbourne last night.

Parquet Courts’ rider (a still life):


Parquet Courts’ rider (in real life):


Don’t those flowers look so beautiful and inspiring?


And if you look closer, they’ve even obscured those Red Bull cans with emoji stickers. Nawwwww!


Australia must really love Parquet Courts because it’s the second time they’ve had their pretty specific rider requests met. Back in 2015, organisers of the Golden Plains festival recreated the band’s clever play on the typical stage plot. See below.

Parquet Courts’ 2015 rider:


Parquet Courts’ rider as interpreted by Golden Plains:

golden plains rider 2golden plains rider 1

Parquet Courts performed a typically frenetic set in Melbourne last night as part of Shadow Electric and the University of Melbourne’s new summer event series, “Shimmerlands”. The band drew heavily on their most recent album, Human Performance, which was named among FL‘s list of the top 50 albums of 2016. Other acts on the bill include Tyrannamen, Ausmuteants and Terry.

All images supplied exclusively to FL

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