Tenacious D tour: “next year, probably around February”

Jack Black has revealed that Tenacious D is looking at returning to Australia for another tour in early 2013.

Tenacious D toured as the support act wedged between Fucked Up and Foo Fighters on a stadium tour late last year, but with the release of their third album The Rize of the Fenix they’re keen to return.

Black has told The West that he and and comedy foil Kyle Gass would “love to come back Down Under. We opened for the Foo Fighters and that was a lot of fun, but we didn’t play any songs from our new album because it hadn’t been released. Nothing has been confirmed but we’d like to come down early next year, probably around February.”

That would appear to put the band in the running for Soundwave but the festival’s boss has been fairly non-committal on the possibility of the band scoring a place on the lineup. In May Soundwave’s boss AJ Maddah told a fan on Twitter that he “would consider The D” for Soundwave 2013, but when asked last month about the chances of Tenacious D (and Children of Bodom) being part of the lineup he bluntly replied “doubt it.”