Tame Impala will release their third album in 2015

It’s official: Tame Impala will release their third album this year.

The release of the follow-up to 2012’s Lonerism was confirmed via an email sent by the band’s management Spinning Top Music alongside news of forthcoming records from The Growl, Gunns, and Fascinator. Spinning Top Music will also be involved in the release of Pond’s sixth album, Man It Feels Like Space Again later this month.

Tame Impala leader Kevin Parker hasn’t revealed much about the new record but bandmate Jay Watson spoke to FL about the record late last year. ”[It’s] probably gonna be less rock again and more electronic again, even more than the last one,” Watson told FL. “It’s gonna be awesome, everything he does is awesome.” Sadly Watson couldn’t offer much more detail as Parker has put him on notice. “I guess probably cause he knows someone like me’ll get drunk and then say stuff about it in interviews! Which is a very real possibility,” he explained. “It’s probably best I don’t say anything because I’ll get in more trouble than you will.”

Watson co-wrote the Lonerism tracks ‘Apocalypse Dreams’ and ‘Elephant’ but he’s not as involved in the follow-up and has only heard a few tracks from the record while hanging out in the band room. “I got to hear a lot of [ Lonerism ] as it was happening last time. But this time I don’t think anyone’s really heard it [all] except him and his girlfriend.”

Ahead of the new Tame Impala release you’ll be able to hear Parker singing three tracks on Mark Ronson upcoming album Uptown Special:’Summer Breaking’, ‘Leaving Los Feliz’ and ‘Daffodils’.