Sydney’s Annandale: “The ‘for sale’ sign going down”

The “for sale” sign at Sydney’s Annandale Hotel will be removed by owners Dan and Matt Rule next week.

The future of the Parramatta Road institution has looked shaky, however, a buy-a-brick initiative launched in December has been the catalyst for a dramatic turnaround.

Speaking to The Music Network today, Matt Rule said the response to the scheme played a major part in their decision to remove the sign.

“The ‘for sale’ sign going down is due to a couple of things; the great early response to the buy a brick campaign with just over 150 sold so far, and to show the public and music industry that we’re 100 percent into doing everything we can to rebuild and secure live music at the Annandale,” Rule announced.

However, The Annandale isn’t out of the woods yet, with Rule issuing an appeal to the music industry to play their part in securing thepub’s future. “We’re a long way off where we need to be, but so far the public have been great in getting right behind the buy-a-brick concept; we now just need to get the music industry to do the same. We hope that our show of confidence in taking down the sign will inspire them to do their bit as well.”

Brick packages, which start at $50, can be purchased via The Annandale’s website.

In other news, The Annandale will be hosting three free gigs as part of the inaugural national SLAM Day: February 23 with Papa Vs Pretty, Cabins and Palms; February 25 with Fait Accompli, Raise the Crazy, Devine Electric and Blackie (Hard-Ons); and February 25 with The Fauves, Little Lovers, Tom Ugly, March of the Real Fly and Jack Cart.