Sydney is getting a monthly emo night and your 15 year-old dreams are coming true

Take a second friend, and cast your mind back ten years. Where were you in 2007? What were you up to? Can you remember?

Actually don’t bother to try, because I’ll tell you what you were doing. You were shimmying into ludicrously tight skinny jeans, plastering on black eyeliner and pink eye shadow so thick that it was more or less just now part of your face, and scribbling ‘Dear Diary’ in a journal while listening to Dashboard Confessional’s The Shade Of Poison Trees. That’s what you were doing. Hell, we were all doing that – I think my shitty poems are still in a box somewhere.

Sydney will be able to tumble down that memory lane every month when a new regular emo party kicks off in April.

Called AM//PM, it’s will take up residence at beloved Oxford St venue The Burdekin – usually known for its kickass house and techno nights. On the bill for the launch party are bands like Our Past Days, Rumours, Whatever, Forever, and Melbourne’s Between You And Me.

Get excited, because you’re about to get fully sad. Tickets are available here.

AM//PM Good Friday Eve

Our Past Days
Whatever, Forever
Between You And Me.

Thursday April 13 – The Burdekin, Darlinghurst NSW

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