Sydney axes Sting gig

Sting’s New Year’s Eve headlining gig has been cancelled after heated opposition from residents and the Sydney City Council.

Former minister Ian Macdonald personally chose to schedule the concert for 80,000 people at White Bay and arranged a $300,000 taxpayer contribution. His successor Kevin Greene argued that Sydney is “already at capacity” on December 31st. He said of the situation, “This matter was handled by the previous minister. I made a different decision.”

Greene consulted Events NSW about scheduling the concert at a later date, but concert promoter Andrew McManus refused the suggestion, asking the minister why he ‘’destroyed this opportunity for the people of Sydney’’. McManus says he has already spent $130,000 planning the event.

After the matter was settled, Greene suggested that the aging rocker play his New Year’s show in Melbourne: “There’s enough going on in Sydney on New Year’s Eve for everyone, so if Melbourne wants some reflected glory by holding a Sting concert, then they can have it. Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are shown around the world. Melbourne’s New Year’s Eve is seen by Melbourne.”

Melbourne’s Minister for Major Events Tim Holding didn’t take offense and said he would be happy to talk to Sting’s management about scheduling the gig.