Sures – Stars EP

The four young things of Sures are making well-deserved waves with their indie soaked surf pop. As recent signees to Ivy League records, home to the likes of Cloud Control and Deep Sea Arcade, the Sydney bred group among great company. After supporting Wavves, Best Coast and Real Estate earlier in the year and playing a slot on the Laneway line-up, the release of their debut EP Stars is a springboard for Sures to share their sounds with a wider crop of listeners.

At five tracks in length, each sitting around the three-minute-thirty mark, Stars is a short and sweet journey. The self-titled opener is a whirl of new-wave influenced guitars that soar between fast-paced kicks as the sombre lyric, “you’re just fucking the stars” floats above the mix. Sugar glazed guitar pop this is not.

Poseidon is fuzzier than its predecessor and a grunge pop taster of sorts awash with vocals that glide high in the chorus and sink low in the verse. An epic guitar sliding solo of enough distortion is certainly reminiscent of sunnier times and cements the track’s infectious hook. The Sun slows the EP’s pace midway with crooning sets of 50s harmonies, doo-wops and tambourine hits, as does Romeo, another swaying, sweetheart devoted number.

LA is the spaced-out closer that churns along with plenty of echo and short, crunching guitars before rolling out into a faded silence. Absent of much lo-fi leanings aside from reverb heavy vocals, Stars is toned and slick throughout and will be welcomed by fans of albums like Portamento from The Drums.

Ultimately, the “surf pop” tag doesn’t quite do the four-piece justice. Over five tracks, Sures create a luscious, washed out sound that has no pinpointed referenced more prominent than any other. The spacious, catchy melodies that breeze along with charm, make Stars an easy listen.