Sunn O))) and Pelican tour in October

Doom metal legends Sunn O))) will be returning to Australia in October joined by Chicago post-metal quartet Pelican.

FL caught Sunn O))) on tour in 2007and reported that “The atmosphere created by all elements of the show put most of the audience into a trance. There are no breaks between songs, making the entire 70 minutes or so feel like one massive composition… finally, after over an hour of brutal, droning guitars, extremely harsh vocals and Atsuo’s impressive effort’s on the enormous gong, the set comes to an abrupt halt, immediately snapping the audience out of its trance. With little more than a wave to the audience, Sunn O))) leave the stage, understanding that an encore is not necessary and that they have treated the audience to one of the most unique concert experiences of their lives.”

Sunn O))) and Pelican tour:

Wednesday 24 October – The Tivoli, Brisbane

Thursday 25 October – The Hi Fi, Sydney

Friday 26 October – The Hi Fi, Melbourne

Saturday 27 October – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Sunday 28 October – Capitol, Perth