Sugarpuss @ Ya Ya’s, Perth (10/06/11)

The dimly lit Ya Ya’s is relatively new to the original music scene, and located in the centre of the Northbridge club district, it would seem like an appropriate location for a music venue. With its small capacity, it has quickly become a great place to see new music and for an up-and-coming act, it’s a great place to start gigging. Friday night it played host to Adelaide blues duo Them Plasms and Perth act, Sugarpuss.

Them Plasms arrived on stage with vigour. Sarcastic and disgruntled front man Duncan Turner is far from the perfect role model. His truckie moustache and ranting growl suit the distorted Mississippi tinged blues riffs then when you add James Presnell on drums, it’s the unhappy Aussie Black Keys. Clearly unimpressed with being electrocuted by his microphone, Turner played on, praising the sound guys once they finally fixed the problem. This entertaining act is best enjoyed messy and loud.

The DJs spun 50s and 60s blues, surf rock, pop and 90s RnB to keep the mood alive before and after the live acts. It’s healthy to witness a venue transform for a night of original music, free pizza on Fridays, and cheap jugs (of surprisingly good quality beer) just add to an already impressive environment.

Sugarpuss have been earning their stripes gigging around WA for some time. Their brand of psychedelic gypsy rock is reminiscent of WA band Tame Impala. They complemented the previous act with a tinge of blues poured into epic soundscapes. Front man and guitarist Jake Webb’s vocals are somewhat strained and unique for a WA act. It’s Brian Mitra and Dave Taylor that stand out on bass and drums. They slot together well as the rhythm section, drums complementing the bass – giving Brian room to impress. This act lives up to its reputation.

Ya Ya’s is quietly becoming a highly esteemed venue. Cheap beer, a good selection of music and exciting local acts are helping its hype. This was another great example of what it will become.