Stonefield take us through ‘As Above, So Below’ and everywhere in between

The long-awaited second full-length from sibling rockers Stonefield has made its way into the world today, showcasing a whole lotta musical growth with As Above, So Below. To celebrate release day, the band have given us a rundown of each of the LP’s 10 tracks.


This track is currently my favourite song in our live set. I love the way it seems to make people bang their heads along and has such a sense of triumph after desperation. One of our heavier songs, we were channeling doom rock and a bit of a “fuck you” attitude. – Amy


Originally ‘Golden Dream’, we decided to keep things consistent one word titles that mark the emotions, visions and mood behind this record. After releasing the original version as a first taste of our new music, we decided to add some minor changes to the recording and do a new mix to help it tie in with how far we had come over the whole process of writing and recording. From the early stages of making this record, the songs transformed so much. – Amy


Changes began as a quirky riff that carried over 2 time signatures.. it was a challenge to get our heads around how to make it flow in the context of a song and where we wanted to take it. We eventually decided that some things are best left simple and altered it to fit into a standard 4/4. From there, the song made sense and flowed a lot better. This album has been a series of changes for us. Being one of the last tracks we wrote, this song encapsulates this and the idea of knowing deep down and early on that things need to change. – Amy


‘Love’ was one of those lucky times when a song kind of writes itself. It started off having a bit of an ‘Indian psychedelic’ vibe to it but once we worked on the vocals and got into the production side of things we were quite surprised how it changed the feel of the song. The final recording reminds me of being on a road trip down the coast on a summers afternoon. – Hannah


This track feels like we are honouring the young Stonefield. It’s simple and to the point and one of the more straighter rock songs on the album. The song is about wanting something you know is bad for you and not being able to resist what you know you shouldn’t have. Whilst feeling like this song is honouring our sound from a few years ago we took a bit more time to experiment with sounds and dynamics which I think compliments Sarah’s keys playing and melodic ideas. – Hannah


This is probably my favourite track on the album… it is one of our heavier tracks and is also one of my favourites to play live. The main riff started out as an organ line but after jamming it for a while, we couldn’t not fuzz out and milk it on the guitar. We were listening to a lot of bands like Witch and Uncle Acid during this time which inspired the darker more intense sound. – Hannah


While this song has an element of our older material, we ventured into a more psychedelic, dreamy pop sound, rather than straight out rock. We experimented a lot with the tempo and getting the exact right feel to have the drums give a rolling feeling. It was slower originally, but we decided to speed it up so it has more of a groove, while rolling along. – Sarah


This song came together from a big jam. We love the vibe it has, as it’s something different to our normal. It was recorded pretty much live in our lounge room which makes it extra special to us. – Sarah


This track always catches me by surprise after not listening to the record for a while. It’s one of my favs because my bass parts are a bit more intricate than usual, which is fun to play. The bass line that’s introduced in the second chorus has a little bit of a John Paul Jones vibe to it which I really like. Although the chorus lyric is a bit dismal, overall, the chorus has an uplifting feel which I think is quite powerful. – Holly


This track is very unique from our other songs as it’s quite minimal and intimate. John brought in the alluring idea of the reverse acoustic guitar in the bridge, which makes the song that little bit more compelling. As the last song on the album, Eagle sums up how we felt throughout this entire album process. We feel as if we’ve been strongly misinterpreted at times, so whilst writing this album we wanted to convey who we really are. – Holly

As Above, So Below is out now through Wunderkind/Mushroom.