SPOD: The top 10 saddest things to ever happen

It’s been 10 years since Sydney party maestro SPOD put out Taste The Radness. In that time he’s released another record (2008’s Superfrenz); put out a line of beef jerky; joined and left Richard In Your Mind; and made clips for the likes of Snakadaktal, The Laurels, Catcall and The Vines. He’s also gotten old – old enough to start contemplating the second half of his existence. But instead of buying a lime green motorbike, SPOD has decided to quit being a “computer deadshit” and record a real-life album with real-life instruments in a real-life studio with real-life producer Owen Penglis (The Straight Arrows). It’s called Taste The Sadness, and it’s about seeing age as a blessing, rather than being bummed about it and buying said green motorbike.To celebrate the album’s release, here’s 10 incredibly sad things that SPOD contemplated while writing a list for us.

1. Death

In 1996 I was just a chill young thing havin’ a cool time snowboarding down at Perisher. I get a visit from some cops asking for me at the door of our accommodation and I think I’m a stealth bad dude. They’re pretty sombre, but they’re cops, so who knows. There’s a phone waiting for me and it’s a family friend saying my dad died of a sudden heart attack in his sleep. He knew he had Cardio Myopathy for years and never told any of us. Note to self, don’t be a proud bloke and hide your death sentence from the ones you love, because it’s a fucked thing to do.

2. Life

It’s a bummer that just the simple act of living gets people down. We live in such a blessed society, given all the space in the world to live a great, fulfilling life but we subscribe to such insane ideals and race with ourselves to out succeed our own means to add flags in the ground of pointless conquest leaving a large chunk of our society feeling worthless and lost. Relative success doesn’t even fix the feeling of pointlessness in the hearts of most people, and as the light shines brighter on the horrendous corruption it takes to run this western society, people are just getting darker. Stay drunk, stay fat, stay stupid or if you’ve got the luxury to do so, shine your soul light on the reflective surfaces of the magic that actually surrounds you.

3. Money

Man I hate the shit, you feel me you guys? But on the real, it does nothing but get you down as it chips away at your very soul. It’s crazy that in our society if you don’t make enough of this stuff, people look at you like some kind of failure. I think it’s more of a failure to spend a life chasing more than you need to feel right about yourself. Time is the most valuable currency you’ll ever have.

4. The Suburbs

There’s a bit of magical Spielberg ET vibes about the suburbs, and a good chunk of the world closing in around your isolated soul that’s disconnected from the thousands of people in your close vicinity. The suburban dream/nightmare of convincing people to not try too hard, to not expect much and to just work to live to die is a heavy trip. To get all first year university on you for a sec, it’s the perfect model for a society to transform into a bunch of rats keeping a huge machine running. As a lad who grew up in the suburbs, I have an even balance of love and hate of that environment. It’s a lovely way to grow up but once you’re done with that, you really need to get the hell out of there for a good 20 years at least before you subject your own spawn to the small-minded pride that litters suburban life.

5. Sadness

My take of sadness with my new album Taste The Sadness isn’t about being bummed out about getting older or losing opportunities. It’s more a metaphor for the feeling we’re convinced we’re meant to feel as we are lucky enough to separate from our youth. Age is a blessing, and continuing to march on the right side of time is probably the greatest gift you can be given. You continue to build an increased perspective and honest peace with everything your life relates to. We’re conditioned to think that if we’ve had a youthful triumph, we’re meant to feel sad as that triumph disappears in the rear-view, but why? You’ve done something you can build off, so create a mansion of happiness to do all your poos in. Peace.

6. Deadshits

There’s something about a person that’s willingly taken their hands off their lifewheel that really bums me out, but it’s just not that simple. Have they been given a horrible run of chance and circumstance that never gave them a shot? Does their mind battle them at every turn not allowing them to play the game of life? Are they looking at the options presented to them and deciding to say fuck it and sit on their balcony and smoke ice on dole cash? Do they take pleasure in taking away slabs of enjoyment from those around them off their sociopathic compulsions? Who knows, just don’t be a turd around my missus, mate.

7-9. Giving up/Apathy/Insincerity

Nothing’s sadder than giving up the ghost for whatever it is that you love. Or compromising what you want to be or what you make in an attempt to become a part of something you don’t really love. These days my fire for hating on everything has diminished, but it still gets my goat when you see someone making something that seems to be for nothing but success. Sure, it’s a battle pouring your heart into something that no one’s going to give a shit about, but that’s not your job to judge. Strive to be the best at what you’re doing, but don’t be a fuckhead just to get it and keep your unique voice, because that’s the only good thing anyone’s really got. Party, on ya little snowflake.

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