Splendour reveal future plans: “We would like to broaden its appeal”

Splendour In The Grass organiser Jessica Ducrou has told FL that she and her business partner Paul Piticco have grand plans for the evolution of Splendour. In years to come they hope to grow the festival from the event we know today to something with much broader appeal: more genres, less predictable bands and an integrated kids festival.

In an interview with FL earlier this week Ducrou spoke with great excitement about the prospect of moving to the new Yelgun site next year, which will enable the event to evolve into more than just a music festival: “We want to see Splendour grow into the event that it should be, in the years to come” she revealed. “And we’ve been working for a long time getting an appropriate venue to do that, and we would absolutely like to broaden its appeal. And that doesn’t just mean whether we have a pop headliner [like Kanye West] or not, it’s everything from musical genre to demographic to what you’re experiencing when you’re at the show. I’d like to think that we were more than just a musical festival.”

She also revealed what direction we can expect Splendour to move in over the next decade, “Less triple j orientated artists. Whether we decide to put on more jazz or country…I’m keen on developing a kids festival within the festival and trying to broaden our appeal from your 7 to 70 year-olds…to try and not be that typical 20-something event.”

“It’s more challenging to us as producers,” she continued. “I like to think that it’s Splendour’s commitment to you, for three, four days, however long you are around to get the most out of it. It does get a little tiring just watching bands the whole time so we want to offer other entertainment for people.”

Stay tuned to FL for the full interview with Jessica Ducrou in which she discusses plans for the new Yelgun site, lessons learnt from last year’s event and what we can expect from Jack White and At The Drive-In this July.